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We believe IT consulting is identifying right technologies to build the solutions that will best meet customer business objectives and ensure long term value.


End-to-End E-commerce Solutions


Give us an opportunity to transfer your business into E-business. Leverage potential of Internet to increase your market share and have your business available 24x7 for your customer in cost effective ways.  Solution can include setting up with website with only informational pages or fully featured website with Shopping Cart, Order Pipeline, Payment Processor Integration, Shipping Carrier Integration, Online Marketing, Email Subscription, Web Database Support.


Customized Product (Application) Development 


We can build one or several stand alone application that can be used by various teams in your business process. We have delivered elegant stand alone applications for Inventory Management & Order processing to our customer and they are enjoying high return on investment by expanding their business and manage those processes very effectively and efficiently. After free analysis of your requirement we will design the proto type that will meet your needs.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM)


CRM will help you learn more about customer's needs and behaviors in order to develop stronger relationships. We leverage cutting-edge technology and skilled human resources to help you provide better customer service, simplify your marketing and sales process, increase customer revenues and above all, gain insight into the behavior of customers to offer them value-added services. Our solutions offer easy to use feature and that will allow greater adoption within your team. These features are easy and quick to customize.



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Supply Chain Management (SCM)


We built customized SCM solutions that concentrate on the business flow process. Our solutions streamline business processes - including purchasing, warehousing, customer management, vendor management and order information. We can built web based or stand alone application as solutions to meet your SCM needs.


Application Integration


We can integrate any third party application in your existing system and that will enable improved productivity with minimal investment on your side.


Legacy Application Enhancement and Re-design


Why waste your existing investment? While we have mastered art of building new application from scratch we have also master art of reverse engg existing application and ensuring that our customer existing investment is not wasted. We can perform detailed analysis of existing systems and can add new feature to the existing system. We also provide porting solutions that can easily migrate current systems to different platform.


Website Design


We have expertise in designing website that will make it very easy for your customer to browse and find the required information. Purchasing experience can be made very easy and that will provide customer with ease of use of the website.


Website/Content Management


We provide guaranteed 100% uptime for your website and very fast response time. We can provide tools and train your employee for making updates to website which ensure critical updates to website are made real time without dependencies on us.


Data Migration


We love huge data and can port data from any system to any system or built the required backup/archive solutions.

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